Thursday, August 26, 2010

AAAHHH!!! Enjoying some much needed quiet time!

It has been awhile since my last blog! I am "claiming" that I have just been too busy to do it when in all actuality I have just been "too busy"  reading other peoples blogs.  As I have confessed before, I am addicted to reading other peoples blogs! I love it!  So anywho, on with my new post...
I recently redecorated one of my living room walls by spray painting some of my picture frames blue or white.  I would love to include a picture but I have sent my camera with my in laws on their vacation!  So, take my word for it, it looks pretty good if I must say so myself.  I put a bench below all the frames now I just need to make a cushion to go on the bench which would be a lot easier if I had a sewing machine! So for now my guests rear ends will just have to ache when they sit there! :-)  In the midst of redecorating my wall I also picked up a HUGE dresser at the Goodwill store for $13!! Can you believe that?? I wasn't gonna get it but my good friend Danielle talked me into it.  I sent her a picture phone text and she saw the potential in it! My plan is to paint it an ivory color and maybe doing some glazing to distress it.  I have only primed it so far.  It is gonna take me a while to get it finished but stay tuned and I will show a finished product at some point!So without further adew....

I named it the Behemoth because it is sooo large!  But it will be perfect for all of Rylees clothes.

Along with taking on the behemoth I also took on a special project called Joyful Noise!  I am now teaching our mothers day out program at church.  There are 12 toddlers in our class and they are all a blessing in their own way!  Along with teaching, I am also sending my kiddos for some learning time!  Here are some pics I took of our first day of school!

Being the good mom that I am, I did not get a picture of little Maxy before he went!  As you can imagine he had a sweet smile on his face taking it all in stride (he is only 8 months old so he could care less).  I had to get the before picture of me looking all confident!  If only I had gotten the after picture you would see my frazzledness (probably not a word but sounds good in this situation).

Sorry this blog is so long, I just had some catching up to do!


  1. yay! for an update!! i need to come down and see your living room!!!

  2. Hey Hey!! Thanks for swining by Vintage Revivals! Ok so here is what I did. Flat surfaces are hard, I put a really small amount of glaze on the edges and all but wiped it off. Then I rubbed the rest of the top with the rag that had some glaze on it. It is for sure not glazed as heavily as the rest but it looks awesome! Let me know if you have anymore questions!!

    love your guts