Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am gonna try so much harder to get better about this blogging business!  I don't have any fun pictures to attach to this blog just some good ol words describing some of the A-MAZING things I am so very thankful for!

I am thankful for an amazing husband and 3 beautiful children!  Seriously, I read stories of people who have either lost a child or have sick children and it makes me pause and realize how I am so incredibly blessed!  Then I also hear of women who aren't so lucky to have a husband in their lives or even a husband who is helpful, loves his family, and is an amazing spiritual leader!

I am thankful for 2 best friends in my mom and sister!  We have been together through thick and thin and believe me it has been a lot that we have been through!  I would not change them for the world.  They are very giving and loving women whom I truly admire!

I am thankful for my church family which also includes some AMAZING friends.  I have never seen a group of people so giving and willing to help each other out! I feel blessed that God placed us where we are.

I am thankful for my part time job at Joyful Noise that allows me to be around Godly women, place my children in a Christian environment, and play with some really cute kids whom I love very much!

And I am thankful for having a roof over my head and very fortunate to have a nice roof over my head! 

Obviously I am thankful for many many more things but these are just a few I wanted to take time to list!
Feel free to leave a comment of some of the sweet things you are thankful for.  Sometimes we tend to overlook the small things we are thankful for!

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