Thursday, April 22, 2010

Been a while!!

It has been a while since I have been able to post to my blog!! I have however been keeping up with my friends blogs and started thinking, what is it about blogs that interests me so much. So I finally figured it out! I love love love seeing other peoples pictures as well as reading what is going on in their lives and their insight into their crazy lives. So with that being said here is my newest blog that will contain lots of random pictures just for the fun of it!!

We are supposed to close on our house on April 29th.  We are trying to get all of the finishing touches done right now so we can still close on time! I love my inlaws but this move is long overdue! And I also now know that ALL things work for the good of God! I have always known that but I love seeing things come together and I now see some of the reasons God put my family in this situation. So....

Maxy is almost 4 months old now, in fact he will turn 4 months old on the day we are supposed to close on our house!! He is trying to roll over now which you think would be easy since he is such a chunk but he hasn't mastered it yet.

And then there is Rex and Rylee!! Rex is becoming his daddies best friend! They go everywhere together! And Miss Rylee is my little buddy! I cannot wait until we can go get mani/pedis together! She is starting to really talk a lot and is getting pretty clear.  On the way home from church last week she kept saying, "Mommy, I'm happy"  It was so cute.  She is a sassy britches but I love her to pieces! And now....The pictures!

These are my cute random pics of Rex! I love this little boy sooooo much! He is growing up so quickly right before my eyes!! My favorite saying of his now is, "Jesus is our super hero!"

As I said earlier she is sassy but OH SO CUTE!! The second pic is of her with chocolate all over her face yelling "NO!!" at me after I took it away from her to get her cleaned up! Love this little girl so much too! We are buds and can't wait to be best friends with her when she gets older!!

Thats a big ol boy but he is soooo sweet!! He is always smiling.  I love his sweet spirit!

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  1. it HAS been a long time! glad you posted!!! love your sweet kids. cant wait to be neighbors!